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MavrovFit - Your Online & Personal Coaches, who will help you to burn the fat or gain muscle, improve your health and achieve your TOP PHYSIQUE!

We offer you comprehensive fitness coaching with an individual trainer. You will have a Mentor all the way and we will support you with your weight loss and body transformation. We will help you with training, nutrition, habit implementation and mindset in order to achieve your fitness goals, feel good about your body and have more energy and self-confidence!


10 years of experience with clients and gained knowledge from fitness certifications and mentorship programs worth well above 10,000 Euro, throughout the years.


Setting goals, building a plan and trusting each other through the process of changing yourself into a better version.


Weekly check-ins and feedback from your coach on performance, acquisition of new habits and built knowledge about nutrition and training.


Guaranteed results for everyone, who's ready to improve theirselves - learn, be flexible with workouts and food and build discipline in the process.

Boyan Mavrov
Founder and Main Coach

Boyan Mavrov

My name is Boyan Mavrov and I am dedicated to helping people get in shape, keep it long-term and live a more fulfilling life.

My Story

I was a fat child and suffered a lot of teasing. 15 years ago I discovered my passion for training and an active lifestyle. I lost weight, got in shape and immediately felt that this was “my thing” – to help. I promised myself that I would help other people feel good in their body by transforming it. I became a professional and certified fitness instructor and started doing what I love! Of course, change is both external and internal. I think it is the lack of change in mindset and habits that prevents most people from achieving success. That's why me and my team are dedicated to helping others become the best version of themselves - both physically and mentally!

Boyan Mavrov

We help busy people just like you.
See what our clients say for us:

"With the support of Boyan Mavrov and the training program that he adapted to my busy daily life, I was able to transform my body. I really don't remember the last time I was at these kilos! I feel good in my body and feel the difference when I have serious basketball games in the league. I recommend Bobby to every single person who wants to build an aesthetic body, an iron psyche, more strength and energy for the difficulties we face in our daily lives. Bobby is the right trainer for you!”
Bozhana Petkova
Before & After Photos
Nikolay Tsolov
Watch what Nikolay says about us
Before & After Photos
"Bobby is the first coach I trusted. During the period when I wanted a vegan diet he prepared a very balanced and good diet for me. Then I ate meat again and he gave me super tips on getting in shape. Thanks to his advice, I lost 30 kilos, but that's not the most important thing. I learned to know my macros, calories, the protein I needed to eat, etc. I learned to use MyFitnessPal, something that had eluded me for years. A great professional and friend. I always ask him for advice!”
Emil Iliev
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Омръзна ти да си в застой? Нямаш прогрес? Стига!

Научи още днес как да структурираш тренировките си за максимални резултати. Разбий застоя и подобри резултатите. Големи ръце, широк гръб или оформено дупе? Имаш ги! Преобрази тялото си още днес и грабни своята „Метаморфоза“!

What we're good at:

Професионален фитнес инструктор провежда тренировка с клиент
An individual training program, tailored to the set goals and features of the body and the capabilities of the trainee.​
Nutrition education, in which we dispel misconceptions about healthy eating and diets.​
Regular conversations and feedback about what has been achieved and what remains until the goal.​
Access to a closed group with other trainees with whom you can share experiences and socialize.
Video lectures in the closed group, through which you can build the necessary knowledge and skills to keep the results after our program.
Помощ от кинезитерапевт при нужда от допълнителни упражнения за намаляване на болката и схванатите стави.
BONUS: Regular gatherings with coaches and trainees where we have fun outside or organize activities together to keep the team spirit high.

No man has the right to be an amateur in terms of physical strength. What a shame it is for a man to never see all the strength and beauty his body is capable of.

- Socrates

Our Free Resources For You:

Free step-by-step weight loss guide.
Free eBook for Everyone - "End Hunger: How to Get Results Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods?"
Free calorie calculator - to find out how many calories you burn, how many carbohydrates, protein and fat you need.
A free journal for people struggling with eating disorders and binge eating.
Free fitness training programs for gym, as well as postpartum home workout for women.
Want to achieve your most fit physique?

Burn the fat forever and keep the results long-term. Build with our help the body you want and the habits you need to keep it for a lifetime. Let us help you transform your body and quality of life.

Latest Articles (In Bulgarian)
Снимка на жена, която страда от метаболитен синдром и има много наднормено тегло под формата на подкожни мазнини
Метаболитен синдром: Убиецът на 21-ви век!

Така нареченият метаболитен синдром е една често пренебрегвана заплаха, която има и лошата слава на най-големия убиец на 21-ви век. Това е състояние, характеризиращо се с набор от взаимосвързани рискови фактори. То може да бъде измамно, защото не се случва изведнъж, а постепенно и неусетно. Последиците могат да са фатални.

Най-страшното е, че няма лекарства, които да излекуват синдрома нацяло. Това обаче не означава, че не може да се направи нищо, за да го избегнем. Но за да стигнем до решението, нека първо се запознаем по-добре с проблема метаболитен синдром и до какво води той.

Заглавие за блог: Отслабни, без да губиш мускулна маса, с мускулест мъж гол до кръста.
Изчисти мазнините, без да губиш мускулна маса!

Складирането на мазнини има същата функция. Когато с храната си набавим повече енергия от необходимото, тялото я складира под формата на мазнини. То не знае, че след няколко часа отново ще стане време за ядене. Ролята на мазнините е по-важна за тялото, отколкото тази на мускулите. Затова то винаги ще се опитва да съхрани първо тях, ако не вижда причина да запази мускулите. Ето и няколко съвета какво да направите, за да приоритизирате запазването им.

Липсва ти мотивация?

Не можеш да развиеш правилните навици? Имаш проблеми с емоционалното хранене или хранителни разстройства? Чувстваш се сякаш психиката ти е слаба и те саботира? Имаме решението за теб. Вземи още днес копие на „Несломим“ и изгради психика за успех!

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